Fur Rendezvous 2016

Fur Rendezvous 2016

This was my first time visiting Fur Rondy as it is called.  It is an amazing mix of parade, street fair, carnival, dog mushing, and we cannot forget FUR located in Anchorage, Alaska. This is the 51st year of the Rondy and I was lucky to have a chance to go down to Anchorage to experience it.

Just a 50 minute plane ride from Fairbanks makes logistics easy as driving in the winter in the Sub Arctic can be a pain and down right dangerous if conditions turn bad.

I arrive in Anchorage late Friday night. Just enough time to get a snack in the bar and a quick nightcap at the Hilton.  My room was luckily located facing the inlet on one side and the street on the other. WOOOT!! Corner Room baby!  This was the view from the side window:  A view of the tiny little carnival, which there is no way in heck that I am getting on any of those rickety things!

Saturday was the main event for me, Dog Mushing. Due to the lack of snow, they were forced to shorten the races down from 25 miles to 10 miles and well a reduction of the $$ purse as well 😦  The Dog races are the 3 day event, and I got to see day to. I love watching these athletes. They are fast and happy.  Amazing Athletes they are.
Im honour of these amazing animals I treated myself to this very amazing Husky Hat 🙂  Its cute, warm and fuzzy. What more could you want?  And I think I look super cute in it!
I gathered with a friend who was having a birthday and her family at the Glacier Brewhouse for dinner. AMAZING….If you ever make it to Anchorage, Alaska you must eat here.  Try a beer and stay for the food. To die for. Also be sure to have the Peanut Butter Pie, its a house specialty.
The night was topped off my an amazing fireworks show. Well my iPhone does pretty crappy taking low light photos, so to share the beauty I am going to share a photo taken by the Greater Anchorage, Inc.  Please see http://www.fuurondy.net to see all of their other awesome photos.
What a great weekend! I am so glad I got to experience Fur Rondy first hand.  In the almost 20 years I have lived in Alaska this is a first for me.  I know the Rondy is smaller than it has been in the past, but I totally recommend anyone in the area to come on down, spend a day, or a week and enjoy all that Fur Rondy has to offer.
Now that I am home, its back to reality.  But most important, back to my fur children!



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