Dreaming of Ironman….and not RDJ

Winter in the subarctic is hard, long, and dark….Its so hard to stay motivated to keep moving forward to my dream of Ironman North Carolina. Its a big task ahead of me and I hope I am up to the challenge.

Running outside is still doable, with enough layers. And thank goodness to my Wednesday night running group for support.

10406988_10205414918912848_8733097034570956548_n (1).jpg
How beautiful is this sunrise?

Road biking is a big fat no.  So a lot of time on the trainer is needed.  And swimming well, not a problem, we have a great pool at the Uni!

IMG_0999 2.JPG
Sometimes I can’t even get to my trainer!

Living in the subarctic is amazing, don’t get me wrong but sometimes you miss having a more moderate climate.  Though this winter has been amazingly warm…I’ll take the positive temperatures!  Sometimes you just have to get the heck out to keep sane.

My soul lives in San Diego….and I never miss a chance to be there.  Just two weeks ago I took a short trip down.  Did a practice triathlon and it felt amazing to be cycling out on the open road sun shining down.

Im so HAPPY!

I have to remember that spring is just around the corner and I need to keep pushing through.  Lavaman in Kona, Hawaii is in a month and that will be my first challenge of the season. Once I get back hopefully the snow will be gone and serious outdoor training can begin.

Onward and forward one mile at a time.

Still dreaming of spring………


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