Musings of the Long Run…

Weekends are the only time I have the ability to do my long runs.  The workweek is too crowded with work, coaching, school work, and my volunteer commitments to do more than about 60-90 minutes TOPS.  Therefore I save the long run or the long bike for the weekends.  Which in turn eats up sometimes up to half my day, from preparing – doing – recovery.  There has to be a better way, that or I need to be organized. Doing anything in the winter just takes so much work to get ready. But I have my IceBugs running shoes, which are the best thing since sliced bread, and my trusty InkNBurn Healing Mandala Pullover to power my run.

Long run Saturday had  me doing the big 12’ish mile loop that starts at my house.  Just me the road/trail/path and my trusty Icebugs.  No music no distraction.  With no music to distract me the long run turns into a 2+ hour marathon of so down right wacky internal dialogue and possibly the singing of classic show tunes 🙂

Icebugs are the BombDiggity

I am pretty sure that I solved the mysteries of time travel. All thanks to the great scientific theories that I learned watching Men in Black III the night before 🙂  So I figured out a way for me to also go back and time to 6 grade to tell myself that running is a good thing and you should do more of it….well obviously that didn’t actually work out as I finished out my run at a very slow 12 mm ‘ish pace 🙂  Maybe I just need to watch more time traveling movies to figure out the right way.  Maybe that one with Gerard Butler where they use a fax machine to go back in time…..HMMMM I wonder where the heck I am going to find a fax machine?!?!?

Then that kinda phased into thinking about fax machines…then that lead to printers….then boom thinking about 3D printing myself a fancy new bike and all the fun things that you could do with a cool 3D printing. Then I realized I am way to poor to even think about the printer or new things.  Saving money for a trip is sucking all the fun out of my shopping habit!

I pretended that instead of being 23 degrees outside and snow that it was 78 and sand.  I have no idea how the heck I am going to deal with the heat and humidity of LavaMan Triathlon in Kona next month. I am going to be so unacclimated.

The plan was to do the full 12 mile loop but I kinda pooped out at about mile 8 or so.  The bike path on that part of the road was all torn up and the snow was lumpy bumpy from all the snow machines that ride on it.  Yeah….way up here in the arctic we don’t call them snowmobiles, but snow machines.  Go Figure. I always thought a snow “machine” made snow not rode on top of it!

I guess all in all it wasn’t the worst it could be considering Im still technically in hibernation for winter.

InknBurn – Healing Mandala!

Here is to hoping the the next run being even better!




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